ANoelleJay of Jamaica



Alicia Jones BioCreating comes really naturally to me. My curiosity of nature and desire to create art and DIY project are qualities that I get from my upbringing in Jamaica. My parents allowed us many freedoms growing up in Jamaica to explore and create while on the other hand they pushed us to excel in the sciences and other fields. The qualities never left me and when we moved to NYC from Jamaica I was still young and still curious. I poured my passion into my studies and continued to experiment with art from making tie die shirts to painting in watercolors. My first delve into really using my art for a purpose came in high school when I put on my first art show as a fundraiser. Afterwards however, for a while, art took a back seat while I pursued my studies. Eventually I took a few courses in college in printmaking and drawing which lit a new spark in my art and once I graduated, and started working I picked up my paint brush again. I'm a fine artist and of course my focus is mainly on Caribbean art, which is evident in my choice of bright colors, bold lines and nature focused pieces. My artwork continues to evolve though and I mix techniques and have found a niche in artwork that evokes a love of the environment. This past year I set the goal for myself to accomplish an art show. It’s always best to set a goal because even if you don't meet it you still end up steps ahead of where you used to be and this was the truth for me this year. I had a few art booths, a few art shows and expanded my line of artwork online.I am very excited about where my art will lead me and really hope that even more people will get to experience and enjoy my work.

Style & artist's inspiration: watercolor painting, nature, abstract art, Caribbean art, textures

Sunset Mountain fuschiaiPhone Xs Maxby ANoelleJay$38.00
Environmental ImportanceiPhone Xs Maxby ANoelleJay$38.00
Sepia Fern PurpleiPhone Xs Maxby ANoelleJay$38.00
Sunset Mountain autumniPhone Xs Maxby ANoelleJay$38.00
Ode to CreationiPhone Xs Maxby ANoelleJay$38.00
White Mountain ClimbingiPhone Xs Maxby ANoelleJay$38.00
Sea LeavesiPhone Xs Maxby ANoelleJay$38.00
Aqua WaveiPhone Xs Maxby ANoelleJay$38.00
Blue High Tulips on FireiPhone Xs Maxby ANoelleJay$38.00
Snow Dreams in AutumniPhone Xs Maxby ANoelleJay$38.00
Black and BlueiPhone Xs Maxby ANoelleJay$38.00
Mothers DayiPhone Xs Maxby ANoelleJay$38.00
The Tulips Came EarlyiPhone Xs Maxby ANoelleJay$38.00
Peachy RosesiPhone Xs Maxby ANoelleJay$38.00
They Came By FireiPhone Xs Maxby ANoelleJay$38.00
Mad Lucy's Golden RosesiPhone Xs Maxby ANoelleJay$38.00
Red Fern PantoneiPhone Xs Maxby ANoelleJay$38.00
Sunset Mountain BlueiPhone Xs Maxby ANoelleJay$38.00
Sunset Mountain BlueiPhone Xs Maxby ANoelleJay$24.99