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Amy Smith

United States

I am a self-taught artist hailing from the East Coast. After being transplanted to California, I have been lucky enough to see my work in everything from film and television to local art shows, stores, and exhibits around Los Angeles.The majority of the images I use in my art are a combination of photos I've taken or friends of mine have taken on their travels. So many images and photos go unnoticed or used, I like to use the experience within the photos to tell a story in itself. made it a point in my art to focus on images that capture my attention. The outcome is to create something illuminating and fantastical from a basic casual photograph. continue to develop my abstract expressionist style with a creative and interesting dynamic mixing graphic design, mixed media, and traditional art.My goal is to breathe new life into the art world and create pieces that offer an experience as well as beauty.

Style & artist's inspiration: mixing graphic design, photograph, photography images, wall art, photo design, combine photos, photo mixer, image design, wall art decor, abstract art

WaitingiPhone Xs Maxby Amy Smith€35.00
TempleiPhone Xs Maxby Amy Smith€35.00
AtlasiPhone Xs Maxby Amy Smith€35.00
EscapeiPhone Xs Maxby Amy Smith€35.00
Ghost in the HallwayiPhone Xs Maxby Amy Smith€35.00
F_ckediPhone Xs Maxby Amy Smith€35.00
Philadelphia LoveiPhone Xs Maxby Amy Smith€35.00
Under ControliPhone Xs Maxby Amy Smith€35.00
Dc MetroiPhone Xs Maxby Amy Smith€35.00