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Andrea Rincon, better known as Anchobee, is a Mexican designer living with her husband and her cat Calabaza in a tinny town in Spain. She grew up in a very artistic and nature aware family that taught her the art of looking beyond the surface of things and that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Andrea finds inspiration on in her apperception of nature. Her illustrations and designs are all hand-drawn. Her work is bold, graphical and contemporary. She likes working with ink, water colors, acrylics and the use of technology.

Style & artist's inspiration: illustrations, hand-drawn, the color of water, nature by design

WooliPhone Xs Maxby Anchobee€35.00
Blumen BlueiPhone Xs Maxby Anchobee€35.00
CrochetiPhone Xs Maxby Anchobee€35.00