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Josie Steinfort  of United States

Josie Steinfort

United States

Josie Steinfort was born and raised in rural Midwest United States. She spent much of her childhood chasing wildlife and enjoy the outdoors. Because of this upbringing, she wanted to travel as an adult. Through her travels, she photographed the beautiful landscapes she encountered, her favorite subject being the Pacific coast of Southern California. Now attending the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee for the production of films, Josie has developed a new love for urban environments. The bright colors and patterns that can be found in the city inspired her to create a new style of colorful works. Along with photography, Josie now also enjoys patterns and abstract designs. These designs can be as simple as a classic chevron pattern, or as unique as a kaleidoscope design. I look forward to hearing back from you,Josie

Hipster Van GogheiPhone Xs Maxby Josie Steinfort €35.00
Geometric EpcotiPhone Xs Maxby Josie Steinfort €35.00
3D ChevroniPhone Xs Maxby Josie Steinfort €35.00