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Julie Hamilton


“I am passionate about paint, paper, pen and pattern. I call it Artistically Afflicted ~ to be in a beautiful state of creative chaos due to an overactive imagination that is always questioning...what if?” I create daily and love to explore different mediums”All of Julies designs are handcrafted. Her favorite medium is a simple black pen and a piece of white paper. Her work is organic with a touch of whimsy. It is inspired by nature and her surroundings. She loves to add a modern twist to her work either through line, color or texture.

Style & artist's inspiration: design patterns, painting paper, line design, handcrafted, painting with a twist

Vintage WatchiPhone Xs Maxby Julie Hamilton€35.00
RhapsodydotiPhone Xs Maxby Julie Hamilton€35.00
Dragon flyiPhone Xs Maxby Julie Hamilton€35.00
Retro CruiseriPhone Xs Maxby Julie Hamilton€35.00
Circle CirclesiPhone Xs Maxby Julie Hamilton€35.00