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Rex lambo

United States

I started making funny, bold and often obnoxious designs out of boredom during my 9-5 day job to brighten up my day. Suddenly my designs gained more popularity on the internet and I began selling my products in well-known major stores as well as in popular indie shops around the world and around the web.Eventually I was able to quit my day job and now I do what I enjoy for a living. I grew up in Europe and these days I split my time between NY and LA for the most part. I watch little to no TV.

Style & artist's inspiration: Elephant Aztec, chevron, nature

Tiffany Elephant AzteciPhone Xs Maxby Rex lambo€35.00
SummeriPhone Xs Maxby Rex lambo€35.00
Tiffany Elephant AzteciPhone Xs Maxby Rex lambo€23.00
SummeriPhone Xs Maxby Rex lambo€23.00