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''CVogiatzi. of Greece



Welcome to my profile :) My name is Chrysafia Vogiatzi and I am a Greek artist passionate with nature's and galaxy's beauty. Focusing on creating designs that make life vibes alive in every home. Best of my specializations are creating digital designs to be printed on products and artworks for exhibitions worldwide.''CVogiatzi.--CV artworks----Life Vibes In Designs---Since January 2015

Geometric DESMOS-GoldyiPhone Xs Maxpor ''CVogiatzi.$950.00
Neon abstract #charmiPhone Xs Maxpor ''CVogiatzi.$950.00
ReAL LeOparDiPhone Xs Maxpor ''CVogiatzi.$950.00
Mandala Rose-Gold ShineiPhone Xs Maxpor ''CVogiatzi.$950.00
Dalmat-b&w-Animal print IiPhone Xs Maxpor ''CVogiatzi.$950.00
JUICY PineappleiPhone Xs Maxpor ''CVogiatzi.$950.00
Blush sky & PalmsiPhone Xs Maxpor ''CVogiatzi.$950.00
Mountains Attracts GalaxyiPhone Xs Maxpor ''CVogiatzi.$950.00
Gold-White Marble ImpressiPhone Xs Maxpor ''CVogiatzi.$950.00
Love of a WatermeloniPhone Xs Maxpor ''CVogiatzi.$950.00
Marble & Stardust OmbreiPhone Xs Maxpor ''CVogiatzi.$950.00
Minimal RedpassioniPhone Xs Maxpor ''CVogiatzi.$950.00
Grid White & BlackiPhone Xs Maxpor ''CVogiatzi.$950.00
Tropical Foggy ForestiPhone Xs Maxpor ''CVogiatzi.$950.00
BLUE-ROSEiPhone Xs Maxpor ''CVogiatzi.$950.00
Fishes & GardeniPhone Xs Maxpor ''CVogiatzi.$950.00
Touch of the moon IiPhone Xs Maxpor ''CVogiatzi.$950.00
Live tropical IIiPhone Xs Maxpor ''CVogiatzi.$950.00
Black and White decoriPhone Xs Maxpor ''CVogiatzi.$950.00
StrengthiPhone Xs Maxpor ''CVogiatzi.$950.00
Good Vibes OnlyiPhone Xs Maxpor ''CVogiatzi.$950.00