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Welcome to my profile :) My name is Chrysafia Vogiatzi and I am a Greek artist passionate about the beauty of nature and the galaxy. I focus on creating designs that make life vibes alive in every home. I specialize on painting, web designing, creating digital artworks to be printed on products and for exhibitions worldwide. ''CVogiatzi.--CV artworks-----Life Vibes In Designs---Since January 2015https://[email protected]_artworks

Neon abstract #charmiPhone Xs Maxpor ''CVogiatzi.$999.75
Geometric DESMOS-GoldyiPhone Xs Maxpor ''CVogiatzi.$999.75
ReAL LeOparDiPhone Xs Maxpor ''CVogiatzi.$999.75
Mandala Rose-Gold ShineiPhone Xs Maxpor ''CVogiatzi.$999.75
Dalmat-b&w-Animal print IiPhone Xs Maxpor ''CVogiatzi.$999.75
JUICY PineappleiPhone Xs Maxpor ''CVogiatzi.$999.75
Blush sky & PalmsiPhone Xs Maxpor ''CVogiatzi.$999.75
Mountains Attracts GalaxyiPhone Xs Maxpor ''CVogiatzi.$999.75
Gold-White Marble ImpressiPhone Xs Maxpor ''CVogiatzi.$999.75
Marble & Stardust OmbreiPhone Xs Maxpor ''CVogiatzi.$999.75
Love of a WatermeloniPhone Xs Maxpor ''CVogiatzi.$999.75
Minimal RedpassioniPhone Xs Maxpor ''CVogiatzi.$999.75
Grid White & BlackiPhone Xs Maxpor ''CVogiatzi.$999.75
BLUE-ROSEiPhone Xs Maxpor ''CVogiatzi.$999.75
Tropical Foggy ForestiPhone Xs Maxpor ''CVogiatzi.$999.75
Fishes & GardeniPhone Xs Maxpor ''CVogiatzi.$999.75
Touch of the moon IiPhone Xs Maxpor ''CVogiatzi.$999.75
Live tropical IIiPhone Xs Maxpor ''CVogiatzi.$999.75
Black and White decoriPhone Xs Maxpor ''CVogiatzi.$999.75
StrengthiPhone Xs Maxpor ''CVogiatzi.$999.75
Good Vibes OnlyiPhone Xs Maxpor ''CVogiatzi.$999.75