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With a passion for all things stylish and sartorial, Girly Trend is a vibrant brand that aims to cast a little colour on the world.We tirelessly trawl the cosmos for pattern inspiration and style stimulation, mixing the latest trends with our signature feminine flair.Thanks to our weakness for colour trends and our penchant for patterns,Girly Trend is your go-to emporium for injecting a little fun into your life.Whether you infuse your interior design with some of our home décor creations, or you carry a piece of our psychedelic sophistication with you courtesy of our phone cases and watch straps, Girly Trend will certainly give you a reason to sparkle.Wake up to some sunshine with your head on our pillows, or skip across town in a pair of our rainbow-hued leggings, just promise us you’ll have a ball wherever you’re going…

Style & artist's inspiration: Flowers, Watercolor Flowers, chevron art, pink, chevron pattern

Watercolor FlowersiPhone Xs Maxpor Girly Trend$730.00
Cat SciPhone Xs Maxpor Girly Trend$730.00
Summer LoveriPhone Xs Maxpor Girly Trend$730.00
Triangles sciPhone Xs Maxpor Girly Trend$730.00
Love Me Pink BrushstrokesiPhone Xs Maxpor Girly Trend$730.00
Nebula Flowers FloraliPhone Xs Maxpor Girly Trend$730.00
Aztec Wood WatercoloriPhone Xs Maxpor Girly Trend$730.00