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With formal training as a Textile Designer and Illustrator, Trinity Mitchell has already created designs for the likes of Chanel, Salvatore Ferragamo, Massimo Dutti, Paul & Joe, Tsumori Chisato & English Eccentrics.Her work as an illustrator has seen her designs used for both web and print, including a book, newspaper, flyers, blog and website banners, as well as for homeware and packaging.Growing up in Cornwall, England, Trinity was surrounded by the sea and natural inspiration and never had far to look for subject matter. An interest in fishing led to an unexpected source of visual inspiration - the world of fishing tackle, lures and accessories.Her personal work echoes this interest in fishing lures, fishing and nature - consistent sources of colour, pattern and detail - encapsulating everything she loves to draw.With a curiosity in observing the every day object, and celebrating the little things, Trinity Mitchell produces charming, hand painted studies and sketches, capturing nature onto paper.

Style & artist's inspiration: fishing lures, fish drawing, nature art

Casting JigsiPhone Xs Maxpor Trinity Mitchell Art$950.00
Casting JigsiPhone Xs Maxpor Trinity Mitchell Art$624.75