MaJoBV of Colombia



I’m a Colombian Fashion, Textile & Surface Pattern Designer (and a nail-art aficionado) living in Milan and in love with what I have chosen to do for life. I have 4 years of experience in the Fashion world; two out of which I have been focused on my passion for textile design. My work is refreshing and quirky, whimsical and bright. It is filled with layered textures and suave shapes. I’m influenced by the eclectic craft and cultural Colombian heritage as well as by my enthusiasm for both Scandinavian and Folk art. I like designing patterns for different uses (fashion, crafts, stationary, homewares), cut-n-sew DIY projects and plushie characters.I have designed evening-wear collections in Asia, created costumes for belly dancers and performers in my home country and Europe, and will soon have some of my designs featured in the "Patternbase: a Collection of Contemporary Textile and Surface Design" book.I’m inspired by everything around me, anywhere I am. Daily life is filled with exciting ways and forms that light my creativity-bulbs. I’m fascinated by colors, shapes and textures found in nature; enchanted by children's drawings and handwriting; fond of all things “cute”, animals (especially furry ones), textiles, sewing, all kind of DIY projects, costumes (firm believer that any occasion is good to dress up!), childlike things, gelato, chocolate and Nutella, my mom and grandma's food, and have also a peculiar obsession for fake eyelashes.I believe color, patterns and textures make our lives happier and help us interact with our environment in a more fun and enjoyable way. 'Majo' isn’t only my nickname, it also implies many of the characteristics that characterize me and my work: playful, bold, colorful, free.

Style & artist's inspiration: Surface Pattern, Fashion, homewares, nail-art, crafts, art, colors, textile

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