ArtsCase® it’s a phone case accessories brand, manufacturer and artists community based in Miami, Fl-USA, supported by hundreds of Collaborating Artists and Graphic Designers all over the world.

Created in 2012 by a team of Urban Art enthusiasts, starting with just a couple of Designs and a small machine, ArtsCase® has grow to a thousand of Designs and hundreds of Designers collaborating with us.

Our focus is to help you express yourself with our sick designs and urban style.

Core Values
Family: Our Community of Artists and Graphic Designers stretch all across the globe. We are a family working together to bring you the best designs to showcase your style.

Progression: Our Phone Accessories exist at the intersect of cutting edge technology and Art, to remain at the forefront of both, we need to be fearlessly progressive and on top of trends.

Vision: We are to support Artists and Designers, to push forward Urban vibes and Street Art trends. We want to keep trying crazy ideas to stay ahead in terms of technology.

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