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Scott Hynd


Bold and bright, Hynd’s unique works fuse elements of both Pop and Street/Graffiti Art s­tyles. Each piece uses the mixed mediums of spray paint, paint pens and enamel on canvas, with each design unique and one of a kind. Hynd incorporates the use of custom stenciling, pre-loved vintage comics and lovingly hand drawn images.Hynd is inspired by images from long forgotten tales of love, lust and sorrow from vintage comics and romance novels. By plucking a single image from the pages and removing the subject from the story, he hands the power to the viewer to tell their own tale. A tear… is it heartbreak or a lucky break? That kiss… is it a blossoming romance or a passionate goodbye?“I want my audience to throw themselves into the narrative, to weave their own life and experiences into the story that emerges from the canvas. Each heroine tells her own story but it is up the viewer to choose the adventure they go on”.

Style & artist's inspiration: vintage comics , graffiti art, the 80s, spray paint, graffiti drawings, spray paint art

It's all in the GlassesiPhone Xs Maxby Scott Hynd€35.00
You're mad but I love youiPhone Xs Maxby Scott Hynd€35.00
Wipe away that teariPhone Xs Maxby Scott Hynd€35.00