Brandon Combs of United States

Brandon Combs

United States

Brandon Combs is a mixed media artist that lives in Hollywood, California. Born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, Brandon's work is a compelling mixture of juxtaposed imagery that elicits strong emotional responses from all that view it. Combining illustration, photography and pop culture images, Brandon remixes classic concepts into fresh, new, contemporary styles. His award winning art has been used by film and television studios such as NBC, CBS, MTV and 20th Century Fox Films. Brandon's work can be found in galleries and boutiques nationwide as well as sprawled across buildings in the greater Los Angeles area. He's also done commissioned art work for celebrities, sports stars, musicians and even Saudi Arabian princesses. Brandon's art and clothing brand Glitz & Grime distributes visual drugs

Style & artist's inspiration: Hollywood, California, pop culture, photography, mixed media artist

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