Karen Harris of United States

Karen Harris

United States

Hi. my name is Karen. I have a degree in architecture and have had a rewarding career in architectural design, commercial and residential interiors, graphic design, product design...all things design...and what it all comes down to is this...i just LOVE shapes. and not only do i have this crazy love affair going with shapes, the shapes made BETWEEN the shapes gets me pretty excited too. sometimes i will move the elements of a design around until the motifs and the spaces between the motifs are "talking to each other".i always try to create this balance between opposites. i am a self-proclaimed "gapbridger" :-) my work is playful yet sophisticated, organic yet organized, modern yet traditionally grounded and very, very androgynous (who says guys don't like prints?)i love bringing together my passion for architecture, graphic design, illustration, and interior and product design in a way that is relevant, unique, modern and fresh. you can find my work gracing the surfaces of many products including area rugs, gifts, home accents, stationery products and tech accessories.

Style & artist's inspiration: geometric shapes, simplicity patterns, shape patterns

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